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2016 News
Article Date Released
LFDA Installs 2016-2017 Board of Directors June 24, 2016
LFDA Recognizes Individuals for 50 Years of Service to the Funeral Profession June 24, 2016
LFDA Recognizes Gerald Melancon as Funeral Director of the Year June 24, 2016
LFDA Honors Funeral Homes with Certificate of Excellence June 24, 2016
LFDA Announced 2016 Scholarship Recipients March 31, 2016

2013 News
Date Article
10/16/13 Monks claim final victory in fight over casket sales
by: Sara Pognes, The Advocate
9/11/13 AG Opinion 10-0240
9/11/13 AG Opinion 13-0002

2012 News
Date Article
9/6/2012 AG Opinion 11-0033A
4/2012 Better Off Dead
by: Greg Beato,
1/9/2012 Cremation Rates on the Rise Locally, Nationwide
by: Cara Bayles, Houma Today
1/6/2012 AG Opinion 11-0033
1/3/2012 AG Opinion 11-0118

2011 News
Date Article
12/28/2011 FTC Files Amicus Brief in Monk's Challenge to Louisiana Funeral Directors Act
The BLT Blog
12/9/2011 AG Opinion 11-0214
8/7/2011 Louisiana Judge's Decision lets Alexandria businessman revive his casket business
by: Jeff Matthews, The Town Talk
7/22/2011 How 38 Monks Took on the Funeral Cartel and Won
by: Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic
7/21/2011 Federal Court Opinion - Louisiana Monks Casket Cartel Case
7/21/2011 Judge rules funeral industry can't stop St. Joseph Abby from selling caskets
by: Ramon Vargas, The Times-Picayune
6/28/2011 AG Opinion 10-0240
6/2011 ASK THE ADVOCATE: Casket Warranty
6/1/2011 St. Joseph Abbey monks suing for right to sell caskets scheduled to go to trial Monday
Ramon Vargas, The Times-Picayune
5/5/2011 Akron Organization Battles Growing Problem of Corpse Misidentification
4/26/2011 Building plan for Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church reviewed at meeting
by: Christine Harvey, The Times-Picayune
4/13/2011 AG Opinion 10-0241
4/13/2011 Update on Casket Cartel Case
by: Prof. Mark J. Perry, Benzinga
4/12/2011 Judge says Monks can fight for right to sell Caskets
by: Ramon Vargas
4/12/2011 U.S. District Court Rules in Favor of Louisiana Monks' Unlicensed Casket Sales
by: Fergus Hodgson, The Pelican Post
4/11/2011 Federal court to try LA monks casket case

2010 News
Date Article
11/19/2010 When the Government Comes Calling
by: Donna Martinez, Carolina Journal Online
11/4/2010 Monks Create Caske Controversy
by: Ed Waltch, WBRZ
9/9/2010 Monks Told They Can't Sell Caskets Retail
8/25/2010 Coffins made with brotherly love have undertakers throwing dirt
by: Jennifer Levitz, Wall Street Journal
8/16/2010 Monks Sue for Right to Sell Caskets, Lawmakers Tell 'Em They're Not Licensed
by: Barry Leibowitz, CBS
8/16/2010 Asinine: Louisiana Monks face Prosecution for Selling Caskets
8/2/2010 Free the Monks and Free Enterprise: Challenging Louisiana's Casket Cartel
by: Institute for Justice